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The Sleepy Lagoon

Here's a song I  wrote about our beautiful house in Flores, Indonesia..
Sleepy Lagoon - Jen Anderson
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Flores is an island to the east of Bali (near Timor). Tranquil and charming, it's a great artist retreat !

Check out an interview I did about the silent movie 'Pandora's Box' for  'At the Movies' Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton) on SBS TV way back in 1993 

Think of me sometimes

I only sent it so you wouldn't be lonely

I only wrote it so you knew I was there

it doesn't matter that you don't feel like answering 

cos I know that you think of me

think of me sometimes...


I wouldn't want you to take too much store by it

I didn't mean to give your such a scare

it's not like the phone where the words are just gone again

these ones will stay with you

stay with you always

(so think of me sometimes)


If I could just see where you were in the world right now

I'd go to your room, make that letter disappear

I'd leave you my picture, it says enough anyway

and I know you'd think of me

think of me sometimes...







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