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original music by Jen Anderson

feature length documentaries


released August 2021  - directed by Alec Morgan and Tiriki Onus. Produced by Tom Zubrycki


The Show Must Go On

Written and directed by Ben Steel, Produced by Sue Maslin

feature films

Hunt Angels

directed by Alec Morgan, produced by Sue Maslin


silent  film

The Goddess of 1967

music available 

Directed by Clara Law, produced by Eddie Fong and Peter Sainsbury


Pandora's Box

Lulu throws a big tantrum just before she is due to go onstage, because  Schön has arrived at the performance with his fiancee. But she wins out, and happily returns to the stage.

The wedding reception - Lulu's friends are misbehaving amongst the genteel crowd. And everyone is in love with Lulu, even the Countess Geschwitz.

For licensing reasons, I am unable to use images from the restored version of Pandora's Box for these promotional clips

Lulu and Schön have just become married, but at their wedding reception things start to go horribly wrong for Schön. He chases Lulu's ragamuffin friends away with a gun.

Lulu brings the wrong man home - Jack the Ripper! After sharing a bit of Christmas cheer, madness overcomes him and he reaches for the knife...

The Sentimental Bloke

Music written by Jen Anderson for the 1919 silent film classic The Sentimental Bloke. Performed as a live accompaniment to the film at several locations throughout Australia. Featured at various international film festivals, including Pordenone Silent Film Festival. CD available

Read an interview I did iwith Michael Winkler from the Age Newspaper 


Einstein's Wife - documentary

PBS television documentary directed by Nicola Woolmington and directed by Geraldine Hilton

Echoland - documentary

SBS television documentary. Director Cath Dyson Producer Mish Armstrong

Dolphin Mania - documentary

ABC television documentary produced and directed by Sally Ingleton

26 ep series screened on commercial TV. Various directors, Produced by Margot McDonald.

Music by Jen Anderson on 7 episodes

Short Cuts - teenager TV series


it's like that - awareness raising video

Animation by S.L.A.G (Southern Ladies Animation Group)

Music by Jen Anderson

Made in 2002, to depict the plight of children in Australian detention centres, featuring live recordings of childrens' voices

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