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recent work

(check out 'Right There in Front of You' & 'Driven to Distraction' in submenu)

String arrangements  for albums

Alyce Platt  launched her solo album 'Funny Little World'  in early 2016.

Steve Hadley produced the album - I wrote and performed most of the string parts for 4 tracks. Here's a couple of them:

Black dog - Alyce Platt
I like your face - Alyce Platt

Acclaimed indigenous Australian singer-songwriter Archie Roach released 'Into the Bloodstream'  in 2013.

Craig Pilkington produced this beautiful album - I wrote a couple of string arrangements for the album and then some more for a series of live shows.

Top of the hill - Archie Roach
Into the bloodstream - Archie Roach

                             music for short film

'Capture', directed and edited by Jennifer Gerber.

Entry for Tropscore  




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