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    Jen  Anderson

Pandora's Box DVD out now. Original music score by Jen Anderson, recorded at Audrey Studios, Melbourne by the Pandora's Box Quartet.

'what the critics say....


Violinist Jen Anderson has composed a well-cued string score for the film that alternatively caresses and stalks the screen images as it glides from lush classical celebrations to almost Bernard Herrmann-like frenzy. The four musicians, playing on stage left, create an extra dimension to the narrative without intruding'.

Gerg Burchall, The Age  (Melbourne).


'Anderson's score for Pandora's Box outstrips any of her previous work. It's an exquisite suite of music that any serious music lover should hear. Deliciously haunting and atmospheric, Anderson's score combines musical elements from '20s Germany with a powerful contemporary aesthetic. Even if you miss the film, Jen Anderson's score for Pandora's Box is well worth looking into'

Ed St John Sunday Telegraph  (Sydney).

Pandora's Box excerpts

Lulu throws a big tantrum just before she is due to go onstage, because  Schön has arrived at the performance with his fiancee. But she wins out, and happily returns to the stage.

The wedding reception - Lulu's friends are misbehaving amongst the genteel crowd. And everyone is in love with Lulu, even the Countess Geschwitz.

For licensing reasons, I am unable to use images from the restored version of Pandora's Box for these promotional clips

Lulu and Schön have just become married, but at their wedding reception things start to go horribly wrong for Schön. He chases Lulu's ragamuffin friends away with a gun.

Lulu brings the wrong man home - Jack the Ripper! After sharing a bit of Christmas cheer, madness overcomes him and he reaches for the knife...

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